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Before you buy, find out everything there is to know about the As Seen On TV Lint Lizard!

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Good Housekeeping – Lint Lizard Cleaning Product Review

Good Housekeeping online did an article on cleaning products and tested the Lint Lizard.  The testers said that the Lint Lizard was ‘a champ’ at removing lint from both the dryer vent and the outdoor vent system.  They called it a ‘cool tool’ that goes deep in the dryer and is less messy than traditional lint brushes. Read the whole Lint Lizard review on the Good Housekeeping website here!



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Lint Lizard Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Lint Lizard dryer lint remover. Go to the FAQ page on the Official Lint Lizard site to get answers about the product and about your order!

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ABC 9 WCPO “Try It Out Tuesday” Lint Lizard

The Lint Lizard was featured in ABC 9 WCPO’s “Try It Out Tuesday.”  They noted that during the summer we are doing extra loads of laundry with towels and bathing suits from the beach and pool.  Extra laundry means extra lint, which is why they decided to test the Lint Lizard dryer lint remover.  The tester tried it out on her clothes dryer and was impressed at how much lint was retrieved.  Go to ABC 9’s website to watch the whole segment.  Want to try it out for yourself?  Go to the Lint Lizard site to order yours.

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Telebrands Lint Lizard Giveaway!

The Telebrands Facebook page is hosting a Lint Lizard Giveaway! It is easy to enter, and lasts for just one week so go to the Telebrands Facebook Fan-page to enter for YOUR chance to WIN!

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WPMI NBC 15 News Lint Lizard “Deal Or Dud”

WPMI NBC 15 News tested the Lint Lizard in their “Deal Or Dud?” segment.  The tester used the Lint Lizard to clean out her dryer lint trap and also the vent outside.  She gave the Lint Lizard a “Deal,” saying that “It seems to work really well, outside as well as inside.”  Watch the whole Lint Lizard review on the WPMI NBC 15 website.

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Definitely Leopard Lint Lizard Review

Definitely Leopard Blog decided to post a Lint Lizard review after giving it a try on her clothes dryer lint trap.  She was surprised to see how much lint was removed from inside her dryer, even though she makes it a point to clean her lint trap after every load.  She also notes that her dryer seems to run a lot better now after the cleaning.  Check out her full Lint Lizard review on her blog here.

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KFVS CBS 12 News Gives Lint Lizard A+

KFVS CBS 12 News tested the Lint Lizard dryer lint cleaner on their “Does It Work?” segment.  The Lint Lizard dug deep into the test dryer, clearly sucking up loads of lint.  KFVS CBS and their tester gave the Lint Lizard an A+!  Watch the whole segment and read the review on


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